What Is RTM In IPL?

Is IPL 2020 possible?

IPL 2020 will be the 13th edition of this tournament, which the United Arab Emirates (UAE) — will host between 19th September and 10th November 2020.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, India can’t host this IPL edition..

Who is highest paid in IPL 2020?

IPL 2020: Top 10 highest paid batsman in IPL 13- Total IPL Salary, IPL 2020 Salary & Salary RankLokesh Rahul. … Manish Pandey. … Ab de Villiers. … Steve Smith. … David Warner. IPL 2020 Salary – 12.5 Crore. … Rohit Sharma. IPL 2020 Salary – 15 Crore. … MS Dhoni. IPL 2020 Salary – 15 Crore. … Virat Kohli – 17 Cr. IPL 2020 Salary – 17 Crore.More items…•

Which team is Hetmyer in IPL 2020?

Delhi CapitalsThe left-handed batsman, who had played for Royal Challengers Bangalore in IPL 2019, made his way to Delhi Capitals after being bought for INR 7.75 crores for the IPL 2020….Shimron Hetmyer.RoleBatsmanBowling StyleNationalityWest Indian1 more row

What is RTM in IPL auction?

Right To Match (RTM) cards: If a player has been successfully bought by one franchise, the team that he used to play for last year can use an RTM card to match the bid made by the former and keep the player with them. Those teams that have retained three users can only use the RTM card twice in the auctions.

Is RTM available in IPL auction 2020?

Hetmyer, however has been included in the final list of the of 332 cricketers who will go under the hammer at the auction in Kolkata on December 19. … With the RTM (Right to Match) option unavailable at the auctions this time, RCB, if it wants to buy the youngster back, will be unable to match the final bid.

How does IPL retention work?

An IPL Franchise is eligible to secure up to 5 players by virtue of a combination of Player Retention (before the auctions) and Right to Match (RTM). A maximum of either 3 retention or 3 RTM at the discretion of the franchise. If there is no retention before player auction then franchises can have up to 3 RTM.

How many players can be retained in IPL?

The eight teams could retain a maximum of five players from their squad, out of which only three could be retained during the retention period. The teams could also use a maximum of three right-to-match cards at the auction (a maximum of two, if the franchise retained three players during the retention period).

Who was the most expensive player in IPL 2020?

Batsman Robin UthappaBatsman Robin Uthappa, who was released by Kolkata Knight Riders ahead of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2020 Player Auction, became the most expensive by of the inaugural edition champion Rajasthan Royals when he was puchased for Rs 3 crore in Kolkata.

What is the price of retained player in IPL?

Retained playershidePlayerSalaryMumbai IndiansRohit Sharma₹15 crore (US$2.1 million)Hardik Pandya₹11 crore (US$1.5 million)Krunal Pandya₹8.8 crore (US$1.2 million)43 more rows

What is traded player in IPL?

Wickets1=Jasprit Bumrah MIN233=Jofra Archer RJR207Rashid Khan SRH188Varun Chakravarthy KKR179Anrich Nortje DCA165 more rows•Sep 7, 2020

What is right match card?

The ‘right-to-match’ card has thrown an intriguing element into the IPL auction. A franchise will be allowed to retain a maximum of three cricketers and have the ‘right-to-match’ the price of a maximum of three players with the total number from both methods not exceeding five.

What is the price of Rohit Sharma in IPL?

Rohit Sharma – 15 cr – Mumbai Indians.

Do IPL players get paid per match?

First players sign a contract with BCCI, the owner of the IPL. Then they receive a fixed sum for signing and they will also receive money per match. So if they’re available for the entire Ipl season they will get paid whether they play or not. However, if a player is injured he may lose up to 50% of his match fees.