What Is A Good Sentence For Population?

Is on average correct grammar?

You say on average or on the average to indicate that a number is the average of several numbers.

Shares rose, on average, by 38%..

What is average in math?

The term ‘average’ refers to the ‘middle’ or ‘central’ point. When used in mathematics, the term refers to a number that is a typical representation of a group of numbers (or data set). … Add the numbers together and divide by the number of numbers. (The sum of values divided by the number of values).

What is an example of a population?

Population is the number of people or animals in a particular place. An example of population is over eight million people living in New York City.

What is a good sentence for average?

Examples of average in a Sentence Prices have increased on average about eight percent. On average, women live longer than men. His work has been above the average.

What is industry example?

The definition of an industry is any large-scale business activity or a type of productive manufacture or trade. An example of industry is the coal mining business. noun.

What is the importance of industry?

The economic growth provided by industrial development is a well-sustained growth that can transform an economy. Industrial growth and economic growth go hand in hand. Economies thrive when an industry is growing because a growth in the industry means more jobs, more money, and more opportunity.

What is short for industries?

There is one common abbreviation of industry: ind. If you want to make this abbreviation plural, simply add on an “s.”

Where do we use average?

Used with nouns: “Please calculate the annual average of wages.” “His overall average at work is really good.” “She has a poor batting average.”

What is a good sentence for industry?

Examples of industry in a Sentence He favors policies that promote industry. She invested in several large industries.

What is a good sentence for civilization?

Civilization sentence examples. He went to study the civilization of the Arab world. This area was homeland to a civilization dating back to the time of Christ. Will every civilization in the world perish?

What is industry simple words?

An industry is a group of manufacturers or businesses that produce a particular kind of goods or services. … Industry comes from the Latin industria, which means “diligence, hard work,” and the word is still used with that meaning.

How does the industry work?

Industry refers to a specific group of companies that operate in a similar business sphere. Essentially, industries are created by breaking down sectors into more defined groupings. Therefore, these companies are divided into more specific groups than sectors.