What Does Make The Best Of It Mean?

What is it called when you make something better?



to improve or make something improve..

What does have use for mean?

have (a) use for (someone or something) To have a specific purpose in mind or a need for someone or something. If you have a use for this old vacuum cleaner, feel free to take it. Anna has use for the interns today—they’re going to help her with some filing project. See also: have, use.

What does make the most of it mean?

to use or enjoy something as much as possible: We’re only in Paris for a day, so let’s make the most of it.

Does any justice mean?

: to treat or show (something or someone) in a way that is as good as it should be Words could never do justice to her beauty. The movie does not do justice to the book. a brief summary that does not do justice to the complexity of this issue.

What does avidly mean?

When you do something avidly, you do it with enthusiasm and interest. Avidly comes from its related adjective, avid, or “having enthusiasm for something,” from the Latin avidus, “longing, desirous, or greedy,” from the root avere, “to desire eagerly.” …

When you make something sound better than it is?


How do you make the best of something?

The Best Ways to Make the Most Out of a Bad SituationAccept the good with the bad. … Open up the best little lemonade stand in the county. … Take some time to assess. … Make it a learning experience. … Work hard. … Put things into perspective. … Learn how to be flexible. … Remember to be.

What does Utilise mean?

put into service1. utilise – put into service; make work or employ for a particular purpose or for its inherent or natural purpose; “use your head!”; ”

How do you say make the most of?

make the most of / synonymstake advantage of. v.maximize. v.make the best of.get the better of.make good use of.put to good use.stand someone in good stead.turn to good account.More items…

What is a word for not good but not bad?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for NOT GOOD, BUT NOT BAD [soso]

What does it mean to make the best of a bad situation?

To deal with and create the best possible outcome of a bad, unfortunate, or unpleasant situation or set of circumstances.

Will make use of it?

If you make use of something, you do something with it in order to do a job or achieve a particular result or effect.

Are going on meaning?

phrase. You can use going on before a number to say that something has almost reached that number. For example, you can say that someone is going on 40 to indicate that they are nearly 40.

Do one’s best examples?

Examples of ‘to do one’s best to try your best’ in a sentence to do one’s best to try your bestHe had done his best to avoid any mention of her name all evening but Jeremy seemed determined to force the issue. … He had done his best, according to his lights; Emerson would have done no better.More items…