Quick Answer: What Does The Word Inhuman Mean?

What is the meaning of egregious?


extraordinary in some bad way; glaring; flagrant: an egregious mistake; an egregious liar.


distinguished or eminent..

What is another word for not human?

Not human is a phrase meaning nonhuman. Here’s a list of synonyms for nonhuman….What is another word for not human?animalbeastnon-anthropoidwild thing1 more row

What is the antonym of inhuman?

The word inhumane was originally a synonym of inhuman, literally “not human,” but … Antonyms: humane.

Who is the most powerful inhuman?

10 Most Powerful Inhumans In The Marvel Universe8 Medusa. … 7 Inferno. … 6 Quake. … 5 Karnak. … 4 Gorgon. … 3 Crystal. … 2 Lash. … 1 Black Bolt. Blackagar Boltagon is the king of the Inhumans by birth, but it’s his Terrigen-imbued abilities that are his real power.More items…•

What are the 30 human rights?

This simplified version of the 30 Articles of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights has been created especially for young people.We Are All Born Free & Equal. … Don’t Discriminate. … The Right to Life. … No Slavery. … No Torture. … You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go. … We’re All Equal Before the Law.More items…

Which country tortured the most?

These reports described widespread or persistent patterns of abuse in more than 70 countries and torture-related deaths in more than 80.Russia.Saudi Arabia.Soviet Union.Spain.Syria.Turkey.United Arab Emirates.United Kingdom.More items…

How do you use inhuman in a sentence?

His scream was inhuman even to his ears. She inched away at the inhuman tone. She tried to turn away, but the smell filled her senses with inhuman hunger and desperation.

What is the difference between inhuman and inhumane?

To be inhuman means to lack all human qualities, not only compassion and kindness. To be inhumane means to lack compassion and kindness, not merciful.

Is egregious good or bad?

Something that is egregious stands out, but not in a good way — it means “really bad or offensive.” If you make an egregious error during a championship soccer match, your coach might bench you for the rest of the game. An egregious error is so bad that it might not be forgivable.

What’s the meaning of barbaric?

wild, crude, and unrestrainedbarbaric in American English 1. of, like, or characteristic of barbarians; uncivilized; primitive. 2. wild, crude, and unrestrained. SIMILAR WORDS: barˈbarian.

What is the synonym of cruelty?

brutal, savage, inhuman, barbaric, barbarous, brutish, bloodthirsty, murderous, homicidal, cut-throat, vicious, ferocious, fierce. wicked, evil, fiendish, devilish, diabolical, heinous, abominable, monstrous, atrocious, vile, hideous, ghastly, nasty, spiteful, mean.

What to do if someone is torturing you?

You can file a complaint in the nearest police station; the police will record everything you will tell them. The police will be aware of the torture you are facing; they will have all the evidence and records essential for future proceedings.

What does the word inhuman?

adjective. lacking qualities of sympathy, pity, warmth, compassion, or the like; cruel; brutal: an inhuman master. not suited for human beings. not human.

Is nonhuman a word?

adjective. not human. … not intended for consumption by humans: nonhuman products such as soaps and detergents.

What is a non human animal?

a : being other than a human being a nonhuman primate/animal. b : not belonging to, appropriate to, or produced by human beings nonhuman noises nonhuman cells.

What is non HR?

Non-human resources refer to those resources that are outside human beings. Non-human resources are tangible things or objects that exist externally of people. They can be seen, experienced and used by people. Non-human resources are also known as material resources.

What is egregious behavior?

In a legal context, the term egregious refers to actions or behaviors that are staggeringly bad, or obviously wrong, beyond any reasonable degree. The term is commonly used to describe conduct of a person, whether a party to a legal action, an attorney or other legal professional, or the court.

How do you use infrequent in a sentence?

Infrequent sentence examplesFrosts are infrequent, and snow does not lie long. … But the high cost of lift tickets and rentals made downhill skiing look like an infrequent outing. … They’ve been infrequent, Brady replied. … Crime is infrequent, and morality, always above the Polynesian average, has improved.More items…

What is cruel and inhuman treatment?

Another name for cruelty, or for the intentional, hostile infliction of physical or mental suffering upon another individual, which is a ground for Divorce in many states.

Who is the first inhuman?

The Inhumans first appeared in Fantastic Four #45 (December 1965), though members Medusa and Gorgon appeared in earlier issues of that series (#36 and #44, respectively).

What is another word for egregious?

Synonyms foratrocious.deplorable.flagrant.grievous.heinous.nefarious.scandalous.shocking.

What is a word for human like?

What is another word for humanlike?anthropomorphicanthropoidhumanbipedalbipedindividualpersonalanimalcivilizedUSfleshly9 more rows

What does inhuman condition mean?

The adjective inhumane means cruel and heartless. … A cruel government that keeps prisoners in terrible conditions is inhumane, and the treatment of farm animals is in some cases revealed to be inhumane by investigators.

What is inhuman treatment?

Inhuman treatment or punishment is treatment which causes intense physical or mental suffering. It includes: serious physical assault. psychological interrogation. cruel or barbaric detention conditions or restraints.