Quick Answer: What Are Good Names For A Girl Hamster?

What food can kill a hamster?

Ask your vet about toxic foods.Tomato leaves.Almonds.Avocado.Potatoes and potato chips.Onions.Garlic.Chocolate.Apple seeds.More items….

Do girl hamsters get a period?

Little is published about the female Syrian hamster reproductive system. Hamsters have a short and consistent estrous cycle (4 days), a predictable time of ovulation, and a short gestation period (16 days).

Can carrots kill hamsters?

Carrots are safe for hamsters in that they won’t make them immediately sick or kill them. But feeding carrots day after day, week after week will significantly increase a dwarf hamster’s risk of developing diabetes. There’s no need to panic.

Can a female hamster get pregnant by itself?

Hamsters are only pregnant for a very short length of time – some species give birth less than 20 days after mating! If your hamster has been in contact with a male over 30 days ago, then they’re not pregnant. If the mating had been successful, you would already have lots of baby hamsters.

What is a good hamster name?

Male Hamster NamesMaximilianFranklinTeddyBusterGusCaesarLuciusBernardPepperRexSparkyTinyTazPabloJo Jo1 more row•Aug 17, 2019

What gender of hamster is nicer?

The National Hamster Council reports some of its breeders claim male hamsters are overall easier to handle and more friendly. Female hamsters generally tend to be more aggressive than the males, but the level of aggressiveness will vary by each individual animal.

What is the cutest type of hamster?

Syrian hamsterIt’s no surprise that the Syrian hamster is often chosen as a child’s first pet. These adorable little guys come in many different colors, all of which are super cute. On average, these little furballs live to be about two or three years old.

What should I name my dwarf hamster?

Some cute names for your dwarf hamster can be taken from delicious types of food that come in small bite sizes.Almond.Amuse-bouche (A “small bite” of food)Biscuit.Cashew.Cherry.Chip.Cookie.Nibble.More items…

What can kill a hamster?

Unfortunately, many hamsters will go through what is often referred to as their hamster dying unexpectedly or for “no reason.” In some cases, two hamsters will even die close to each other or at the same time….Excessive grooming.Old Age. … Stress. … Heart Disease. … Wet Tail. … Pneumonia. … Cancer. … Other Infections. … Kidney Disease.More items…•

Can Salt Kill hamsters?

Salt licks aren’t bad for hamsters either though. Having one in their cage won’t harm them unless they start to take in too much salt. Too much salt will start to dehydrate your hamster if they use it all the time, but the good thing is that hamsters usually won’t use it that often for that to happen.

Do hamsters like music?

Not only do hamsters like music, but it can even be beneficial for them. The primary purpose of music for hamsters is to promote calm. … At playtime, you can also let your hamster listen to more fast-paced music, such as rock, electronic, or metal.

Do hamster bites hurt?

It’s rare for a hamster to actually be aggressive, though, and they typically only bite when they get scared. Those tiny teeth may not do as much damage as those of other animals, but a bite will hurt and should be discouraged. Fortunately, you can gradually train your hamster to accept being handled and stop biting.