Question: What Is Timesheet In TCS?

How do I open TCS in outlook on Android?

In the case of Outlook mail, you have to install “Citrix receiver” from Google Play Store.

Then open TCS webmail and you will have to log in to “download a file” and open it using the receiver..

How do I get TCS UX apps?

Open https://uxapps.ultimatix.netUltimatix Login. Login with your Ultimatix. Username and Password. of 13. Ultimatix Apps. Download Ux Apps. … of 13. Install Ux Apps. Click on Install. … of 13. Ux Apps Login. Login with your Ultimatix. … of 13. Download App. … of 13. Setup App. … of 13. App Login. … of 13. Create PIN.More items…

How do I open a TCS file in Webmail?

To Access Tcs webmail, You have to download Citrix Workspace app from google playstore or app store. 2. After installing open the app and land on the login page i.e. Netscaler Gateway ( Login page of Tata consultancy service app) 3. Now just fill the ultimatix credentials to login into your account.

Which TCS application allows entering timesheet?

TCS UltimatixWell, as per the latest news, the TCS Ultimatix Mobile App gives the exact way to manage and automate services such as Timesheet, HR services, their wages and many more.

What is non billable in TCS timesheet?

Non-Billable Timesheets. Non-billable time entries are those which cannot be billed to the customer. For instance, the time taken by customer support representatives to answer “how do I” questions regarding the product is not billable and are not billed to the customer.

What is non billable?

Non-billable hours represent everything you do at work that can’t be billed or expensed to a client. They’re costs swallowed by your business that enable it to function and continue. Common examples of non-billable time includes: Bids, proposals and pitches for new business.

How do I cancel my timesheet in Ultimatix?

To cancel a leave application:In the Apply/Cancel Leave page, select the Request Cancellation icon corresponding to the leave record which you want to cancel.Click Request Cancellation icon.

What does IPMS stand for?

International Property Measurement StandardsIPMS stands for International Property Measurement Standards. It is a new, principles-based, international standard which sets out how to measure property assets. It means that for the first time, property will be measured in a consistent way around the world.

What is TCS Knowmax?

TCS has developed a web based Enterprise wide Knowledge Management system known as. KNOWMAX, which is available globally to all TCS consultants. This platform encompasses focus. on deriving reusable assets.KNOWMAX acts as a central knowledge bank for all projects being executed.

What happens if you forget to fill your timesheet in TCS?

If you forgot to fill the time sheet and if the time sheet for that respective month freezes, then your leaves will be deducted. Once the leaves are deducted, you can see the respective leave requests raised in GESS in your Ultimatix.

How can I download TCS timesheet app?

How to download and Install TCS Ultimatix Touch App on Android Phone and iOSFirst of all, go to mobile web browser (either it is Google chrome or Opera or any other browser) and open TCS Ultimatix website.Access the ‘Utilities’ section.Open the Appmart.Register for TCS Ultimatix.More items…•

How can I open TCS email in Mobile?

You need to select Lotus Webmail here in order to get to the TCS Webmail Page. Now, you can enter your username and password and access your emails on IOS or Android devices. Through Citrix Receiver, you will be able to access you TCS emails with the help of any device outside TATA consultancy systems.

What is billable and non billable in TCS?

It means you are a working resource who is getting compensated by clients and you are a working capital for organization. Non-billable means you are a standby resource with some expertise. … Billable refers to resources that can be billed to clients.

Why PSU meeting is conducted in TCS?

The Indian postal service , or India Post , is currently the biggest loss making public service undertaking (PSU) of the Indian government. The multi-year contract between TCS and the Department of Posts (DoP) is aimed at finding new revenue sources — one of those being e-commerce.

What is Ultimatix project in TCS?

Ultimatix is the name. of the internal employee portal of TCS. Now, under Ultimatix there are. a dozen or so projects related to:- – Internal employee database of TCS.

What is IPMS in TCS?

Integrated project management System (IPMS) is an innovative tool developed by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to automate Integrated Quality Management System (iQMS). This tool consists of Project creation, Task creation, IQA, EQA and FI, Defect Management, Timesheets, Billing and other project related reports.

What is LERF form in TCS?

On reporting back from LWP, the employee is required to complete the Leave End Reporting. Form (LERF) and the same should be approved. LERF is a formal notification from the. TCS Confidential 9. employee to TCS about his or her reporting back after LWP; it captures the date of reporting.