Question: Is Optus Good For NBN?

Is Optus NBN reliable?

Take a look at how the cheapest NBN 100/20 plans stack up.

However, we’d be remiss to discuss speed without giving props for Optus NBN’s performance in the ACCC broadband speed testing program.

In February 2020, Optus took the top spot for delivering the most accurate advertised download speeds to its customers..

Is Optus cable better than NBN?

Optus and Telstra’s high speed cable broadband is, in many respects, similar to what you’ll get with the NBN. … The biggest difference between cable broadband and NBN is upload speed. Customers on an NBN 100 plan will be able to upload at speeds of 40Mbps, whereas cable broadband upload speeds can be as low as 2Mbps.

Is Telstra NBN better than Optus?

If you’re looking at an NBN 100 plan, Telstra says its plans typically achieve peak hour speeds of 91.57Mbps, while Optus averages 87.8Mbps. … One thing that Telstra does have over Optus is better contract-free terms. Telstra only offers no-contract plans with a standard $99 start-up fee.

Which NBN providers use Optus?

Alex ChorosOverallPeak hoursOptus88.5%87.6%TPG87.8%86.3%Exetel86.3%84.8%Aussie Broadband85.3%84.2%5 more rows•Nov 20, 2019

Is it compulsory to have NBN?

No, the NBN is not compulsory in that no one can make you connect to the network, but it does mean you could be left without fixed-line internet for your home.

Which NBN provider is best?

Best NBN providersAussie Broadband.Internode.TPG.iiNet.Tangerine Telecom.Belong.Telstra.SpinTel.More items…•