Question: How Many Triggers A Table Can Have?

Can a table have multiple triggers?

SQL Server allows multiple triggers on the table for the same event and there is no defined order of execution of these triggers.

There can be only one first or last trigger for each statement on a table.

Below is the sample syntax for setting the order of trigger to first for the INSERT statement..

How many instead of triggers is it possible to create for this table?

You can have only one instead of trigger for each of insert, update or delete option on a single table or view.

How many triggers are possible in SQL?

fourIn SQL Server we can create four types of triggers Data Definition Language (DDL) triggers, Data Manipulation Language (DML) triggers, CLR triggers, and Logon triggers.

What are the 12 types of triggers in Oracle?

Types of Triggers in OracleDML Trigger: It fires when the DML event is specified (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE)DDL Trigger: It fires when the DDL event is specified (CREATE/ALTER)DATABASE Trigger: It fires when the database event is specified (LOGON/LOGOFF/STARTUP/SHUTDOWN)

How do I know if a trigger is working?

In SQL SERVER, there is a tool SQL Profiler. Using SQL Profiler you wll check a trigger is fired or not. You will also check if trigger is fired then whats the output of fired trigger.

Can a trigger call another trigger?

Both DML and DDL triggers are nested when a trigger performs an action that initiates another trigger. These actions can initiate other triggers, and so on. DML and DDL triggers can be nested up to 32 levels. You can control whether AFTER triggers can be nested through the nested triggers server configuration option.