Question: How Do You Message Someone On Spotify?

Can you private message on Spotify?

The Private Messaging system on the community is completely seperate from the Spotify application.

If you want to message someone on the community, they need to have registered their account with the community and then you need to add them as a friend here on the community so you can send them a PM..

Why did Spotify remove messages?

A few weeks ago, Spotify announced it was going to retire the inbox and messaging feature within the app. According to their announcement, the decision was made because of low user engagement, compared with the effort it took to maintain the service.

How do you make a couple playlist on Spotify?

Note: If you’re new to Spotify, Duo Mix needs to get to know you first. Expect to see it filled with your favorite songs after around 2 weeks of listening….Change the moodTap (Android) / (iPhone).Tap Add to playlist.Tap NEW PLAYLIST and name it, or add songs to an existing playlist.Download that playlist.

How do you comment on a podcast?

Tap the album art for the podcast, not the episode. Normally you’ll see the shows Podcast library at the bottom right of the screen….Tap the Stars to leave a rating.Enter title text and content to leave a review.Tap Send.Sit back and relax knowing you’ve made a podcaster happy.

How do you chat with someone on Spotify?

Hey, Welcome to the Spotify community!…Tap Your Library in the menu at the bottom of the screen.Tap Playlists and select one.Tap Options in the top-right corner.Tap Make Collaborative.Share it with your friend!

Can you contact someone through Spotify?

Re: Contact other users? Go to their profile and follow them. Then right click a track you think they will like, and select Share > Send too and enter their name in the box with a message.

How do I view messages on Spotify?

Spotify For Dummies Click Inbox in the left sidebar to view these items, as well as who sent them. Each unplayed item is shown in bold white to make it stand out and has a blue dot next to the item name.

Can you leave comments on Spotify?

For each song/album/artist add a comment button. Everybody from all over the world can apply information, remarks, suggestions (for other songs/version), or whatever they like.