Question: Does Hive Support Transaction?

Is hive transactional?

Apache Hive introduced transactions since version 0.13 to fully support ACID semantics on Hive table, including INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE/MERGE statements, streaming data ingestion, etc..

Does Hive support ACID transactions?

ACID Limitations On Hive Currently, Hive supports ACID transactions on tables that store ORC file format. Transaction tables cannot be accessed from the non-ACID Transaction Manager (DummyTxnManager) session. External tables cannot be created to support ACID since the changes on external tables are beyond Hive control.

How do I know if a hive table is transactional?

Apache Hive If you get an output with the string that you grep for, then the table is transactional.

What is transactional table in hive?

Hive transactional (ACID) tables support data modification through INSERT, UPDATE, and DELETE. … Federation can be used to send data modification statements to the Hive server from within a Db2 Big SQL session. For information on how to create transactional tables, see Querying Hive transactional tables in Db2 Big SQL.